What to look for in a reputable PLR seller

What’s the deal with finding a reputable PLR seller?

The hardest part of buying and using private label rights is trying to find a reputable PLR seller. Sadly, you can’t just look up PLR content and buy whatever you find because there are scammers all over the net that steal copyrighted content and try to pass it off as PLR. So, how do you know if the PLR seller is reputable or not? Let’s explore ways to ensure you’re buying from the right places.


Get to Know the Creators and Sellers

This is the easiest way to ensure you’re buying from a seller that takes their job seriously. Find them on social media, find out where they hang out and go there. Find out how they deal with the public, deal with you, and how they promote their product.


Join Their Email Lists

Get on every potential PLR seller’s email list and read the email messages you get. The information can give you insight into their honesty and clue you in on whether it’s the right content for you to buy or not.


Join Their Chat Communities

Many reputable PLR sellers invite their customers to join online communities such as Facebook Groups and other chat communities. This is an excellent way to get to know them as well as their customers and see any complaints sooner rather than later.


Go to Their Events Online and Offline

Many reputable PLR sellers love what they do and speak in public or host events themselves. You’ll find them doing webinars, YouTube, and Facebook Lives and other events to help you learn how to use your PLR. They are proud of what they offer and don’t hide it.


Ask Your Colleagues

If you have built a community of other people who are building businesses using content marketing, many of your colleagues may use PLR and just haven’t revealed it. Ask them who they use and get recommendations from the people you know.


Try Some Sample Content

Before buying a big package, always try out a smaller package or the freebies offered by the PLR seller so you can get an idea of what the content looks like when you purchase from them. Plus, you’ll get a look up close at the PLR licenses and terms of service for that company.


Use a Copyright Checker

While you’re definitely going to get some results when you paste your PLR content into a copyright checker because others are using it, what you want to look for is whether the content is being used by someone who is claiming copyright. For example, you’re not allowed to publish PLR as an original work on Amazon Kindle, so if you purchased PLR that is showing up as a published book, you might want to question if it’s legitimate PLR.


Reputable PLR sellers make sure their site is secure

When you go to any site to make a purchase, if they don’t have the HTTPS lock that shows the site is secure, don’t make a purchase from them. If you think otherwise they’re legit, send them a message about their unsecured site.


Pay with a Widely Accepted Payment Processor Instead of Direct Credit or Debit

If the website doesn’t take PayPal.com, there may be a problem with the legality of the company. Believe it or not, it’s a lot easier to get away with setting up a payment processor through a credit card company directly when you have an illegal business than it is to get approval to take Paypal.com and that offers you many protections as a buyer, often sellers complain about that fact.


The main thing is to find out who the creator is. Who is behind the website selling the PLR? If they’re unknown and seem to be hiding from the public, they are probably not the best people to buy private label rights content from. But, if they’re open and ready to help you and serve, they are probably reputable PLR seller.


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