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Celebration of Life Planner Bundle PLR- Semi-Exclusive

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Whether you want to offer your clients a planner to prepare for their future End of Life Celebration or you help a client prepare for their loved ones final send-off, the Celebration of Life Planner is a great way to organize. Edit and brand as your own product.

Product Details:

The Celebration of Life planner is a solution and essential tool for organizing and planning for the inevitable. Securing a smooth transition for you or your loved ones. The loss of a loved one is emotional and challenging and even made more difficult when arrangements and important affairs are left unaddressed. It can leave family members and friends feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and uncertain about how to handle the numerous tasks that arise during such a time.

Funeral planning, estate management, and settling financial matters can seem like an insurmountable challenge, further complicating an already difficult situation. Without proper guidance and preparation, these responsibilities can leave loved ones grappling with anxiety and confusion when they should be focusing on healing.

Our Celebration of Life planner will relieve you and your family of this distress by offering an approach to prepare for the future. It comes with a spreadsheet PLR, designed to streamline the process and make it easy to keep track of all the details. From selecting a venue to creating a meaningful program, our planner has everything you need to ensure your celebration of life is a fitting tribute to your loved one’s legacy.

Features and Benefits:

  1. It provides you with an intuitive step-by-step guide to plan your funeral arrangements in advance. From selecting the desired service type to choosing specific elements like flowers, music, and memorial preferences, you can rest assured that your final wishes will be communicated clearly, eliminating any confusion or disagreements among family members.
  2. Estate and Financial Organization: Our planner equips you with tools to manage your assets, debts, and financial affairs effectively. By taking stock of your estate and creating a well-documented will, you can avoid unnecessary legal complexities, ensuring a smooth and equitable distribution of assets among your loved ones.
  3. Guidance for Loved Ones: In the wake of your passing, your loved ones will be facing an emotionally trying period. Our planner offers a comprehensive guide to help them navigate through the grieving process and address the necessary administrative tasks. From obtaining necessary legal documents to settling outstanding matters, our planner acts as a reliable companion during this challenging time.

Embrace peace of mind and create a lasting gift of love for your family with the LifeEase End-of-Life Planner. Let us help you shoulder the burden, ensuring that your loved ones can focus on healing and celebrating your life instead of being overwhelmed. Plan ahead, make a difference, and experience the tranquility of knowing you have taken care of those you cherish most.


  • 48 Pages Celebration of Life Binder PDF includes:
    • Personal Information
    • Insurance Information
    • Contact Information
    • Household Expenses
    • Assets and Liabilities
    • User Name and Passwords
    • End-of-Life Arrangements
    • Important Documents Finder
  • 7 Pages Spreadsheet
    • Funeral home, Service location, and Resting locations Comparison Spreadsheet
    • Obituary Outline Template
    • Funeral Program Worksheet
    • Life Sketch Template
    • Song List
    • People to Contact



PDF with Links to

  • Canva Template Links for Program,
  • Links to Spreadsheet
  • Links to PDF Planner


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HOW IT WORKS: Spreadsheet

  1. Log into your Google account–you must be logged into your Google account first
  2. Click the link in the PDF
  3. You will be prompted with a screen to claim your copy. Click the blue button that says,  “Make a copy” — now you have your own copy of the spreadsheet saved to your Google Drive. Access any time when you log into https://sheets.google.com.
  4. If you’d rather use the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel: File–> Download as –> Microsoft Excel. 
  5. You must send your client a flattened or rebranded product.

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