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PLR stands for Private Label Rights. Also known as White Label Content or Done for You Content.

The creator develops the content for their audience to use as their own or per their licensing agreement in a way that is beneficial for both. This allows the purchaser to edit and use the content as their own. However, you can’t fight for copyright from someone else who also uses it because the copyright still belongs to the creator.

  • PLR costs less than hiring a ghostwriter
  • PLR companies research hot topic ideas for you
  • PLR is usually more general and evergreen
  • PLR needs to be tweaked most of the time
  • PLR is not exclusive
  • You have to give your ghostwriter ideas and outlines
  • Ghostwriting is more specific writing
  • Ghostwritten content is exclusive to you and should be ready to go
  • PLR there is usually no limit as to how many copies are sold. However, we will limit ours to no more than 30 licenses sold. So that there is not an abundance of the same product floating around the internet. You will probably want to add your own touches and change these up in multiple ways to be unique. These are good rough drafts and launching points, for this reason, they are much cheaper than semi-exclusive and exclusive items.


  • Semi-Exclusive means we will sell from 3-to 10 licenses. You might want to make minor adjustments to make them your own but will not require much work.  Cost: Midrange


  • Exclusive means we will be selling only one license. You may only need to brand them as your own and have very little if any work to do to use these. For this reason, they will be more costly. You will be paying for one of a kind.


  • Edit completely and put your name on it
  • Use as web sontent
  • Claim full authorship


  • Submit to article directories
  • Use in Kindle books
  • Sell with PLR Rights
  • Offer Master Resell Rights
  • Offered through auction sites

All items are digital no printed items will be shipped.

You will need, Microsoft word, a text file reader and a PDF file reader to read/ edit your content.

To access Canva templates you will need a Canva account. 

  1. After purchasing you will be able to download the PDFs.
  2. 1 PDF is the product ready as is to print or upload to your shop to resale.
  3. 1 PDF will have a link to take you to Canva where you can begin editing.
  4. You can print at home or at local print shops like Staples, Kinkos, Office Depot, Fedex, etc.

After you have made a purchase from us, we automatically create a private account for you. We will send you a confirmation email with all your order information and links to your content to download.

You can access your content at any time by going to Juleps and Junebugs | My Account tab.

When logged into your account just click on  ‘Downloads’ on the left-hand side. All your content will be there.

You can choose to use Paypal or Stripe.


While in basket view copy and paste the coupon code into the ‘Apply Coupon’ section on the left. The discount will be automatically applied.



At checkout, you will see an ‘If you have a coupon code, please apply it here’. Copy and paste coupon code and press ‘Apply Coupon’

Due to the digital nature of all our products there are no refunds.

Please see our Terms and Conditions

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