Different Types of PLR

What are the different types of PLR

When it comes to developing content for your business, you’re likely going to want to use many different options for getting it done.

  • One way is to hire a ghostwriter to write for you.
  • You can purchase PLR in a variety of types
    • Private Label Rights
    • Semi-Exclusive
    • Exclusive

Let’s look at the differences.


  • To hire a ghostwriter that does quality work is going to cost you a minimum of about $20 per 450 words, and that’s cutting it close. You’ll get better work if you pay about $100 per blog post unless you order in bulk from your writer regularly. For some types of writing, you can pay even more.
  • You Have to Give Your Ghostwriter Ideas and Outlines – You will need to provide your ghostwriter with ideas and outlines for the work you want them to produce. This includes information on your target audience and the purpose of the work. Without this information, the content they create will not be useful to you.
  • Ghostwriting is More Specific Writing – When you hire a ghostwriter, you really do need to know a lot more than you might right now about your audience, your purpose, and more. Even if you’re not going to write the content yourself, you’ll have to come up with ideas for this specific type of writing that advances your business.
  • Ghostwritten Content Should Be Ready to Go -If you hire a ghostwriter, especially if you pay for a professional content writer or copywriter, you should receive content that is ready to be incorporated into your content marketing schedule within five minutes.
  • Ghostwritten Work Is Exclusive to You – This is, of course, a good thing about ghostwritten work. It’s yours, and you can claim authorship, copyright, and even use it to self-publish print books via a publisher. It’s as if you wrote it, and it’s unique and totally original.


  • PLR Companies Research Hot Topic Ideas for You – Joining a membership for private label rights monthly is a great way to have some of the hot topic and niche idea research done for you. You’ll be able to customize your research to better target your audience by taking this approach. Plus, you’ll always be up-to-date on the latest trends and niches!
  • PLR Usually is More General and Evergreen – The content you publish is more likely to be evergreen if it is general in nature. This content is long-lasting and only requires occasional updates to remain relevant. PLR content is usually more general and evergreen, making it a more affordable option than hiring someone to write the same type of content.
  • PLR Needs to Be Tweaked Most of the Time – Even the best written PLR needs to be tweaked to make it work for your needs. Add your own keywords, check the voice and tone, and make sure it all matches your branding. This can add time and money, reducing your ROI.

Semi-Exclusive and Exclusive

  • PLR Is Not Exclusive – Private label rights work is not exclusive. Several hundred people may buy the same content to use in their business. However, this isn’t as important as you may have been led to believe, as this does not affect the usefulness or importance of using PLR in your product development and content marketing efforts. Usually, for a high price you can purchase semi-exclusive or exclusive PLR.
    • Semi-Exclusive –If you’re looking for something a little more unique, semi-exclusive might be the way to go. It comes at a midrange cost and has the advantage of not being owned by as many people. It takes a little less work to individualize it because it’s sold to fewer people. The number of people it’s sold to will vary depending on the seller.
    • Exclusive- Exclusive is usually sold to one person. It is more expensive than semi-exclusive but not as expensive as hiring a Ghostwriter. Hiring a Ghostwriter usually means that you’re commissioning someone to create original content specifically for you. However, with premade content, you’re simply purchasing existing content that may or may not require additional work to suit your needs.


Using either ghostwritten content or PLR is a good idea for your business. Using PLR will save you money and time and be as effective as ghostwriting.

An excellent way to do it is to hire a ghostwriter for specific writing and use PLR for the rest.

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