Create Low-Cost Products From PLR

Creating low-cost products from PLR is the most profitable thing for business.

One of the most profitable and fun things you can do for your business with PLR is to create low-cost products and get them out there to your customers quickly. You can create products from PLR fast and easily if you know in advance who your ideal customer is, the types of problems they have, and what you can solve within your expertise.

Once you know that information and come up with a few ideas, you can start shopping for the right private label rights content to include in your new low-cost products. No matter what type of niche you’re in, low-cost information products are an excellent way to expand brand awareness, bring your ideal customer into your product funnel, and showcase your expertise.

You can create a variety of types of low-cost products from PLR such as:

  • Reports & eBooks – If you sell a branded supplement line, you could find content about the vitamins and minerals needed for good health. Sell the report or eBook inexpensively for informational purposes, then promote your vitamins to the buyers. You can use several of these options as in-content purchases for additional information. You’ll probably want to edit this type of PLR to be more original and fit in with your brand voice.


  • Membership Program – If you are a personal trainer, you can start a membership program that gives access to your customers to information that includes videos of exercises and so forth but also includes informational content created from PLR such as how to find motivation for exercise and so on. Charge a monthly fee for access and then put all the information inside that is for them. Membership programs are fantastic because you can use most of the PLR you buy as it is since it won’t be used for search engine optimization.


  • Group Coaching Programs – You can also use PLR to help you run your group coaching program. It doesn’t matter if your program is about Facebook Advertising or Living on a Sailboat, you can find PLR that will help you motivate and encourage them. In this case, you can get away with minimal editing since it’s not going to be accessible to anyone but your participants.


Ensure that the PLR you purchase works well

To ensure that the PLR you purchased will work well for creating low-cost products and for how you intend to use it, you’ll want to ensure that you fully rebrand it even if you don’t change anything else. Use this easy checklist to ensure you get that done before you give it or sell it to your audience.


  • Know Your Audience
    • Create Customer Avatars
    • Solve Their Problems
    • Know Their Intent
  • Determine the Keywords You’ll Use
    • Important to Keep Your Brand Voice
    • Change Vocabulary to Match Your Brand Style
  • Read Through the Content
    • Read Once Without Judgement
    • Highlight Changes Needed on Second Reading
    • Make Changes
  • Brainstorm and Decide on a New Title
    • Develop the Title with Your Ideal Customer in Mind
  • Change Up Graphics and Images
    • Replace Included Images with Your Own Branded Images and Graphics
  • Add Your Branding on Every Page
    • Whatever Branding You Have Use It
    • Create a New Cover
  • Change the Fonts
    • Remember to Use Your Own Style
  • Add Learning Activities
    • Pump Up the Value by Adding Effective Learning Activities for “How To” Content
  • Showcase Personal Stories and Case Studies
    • Increase Value by Including Real Stories of Success
  • Create a Landing Page
    • When You Sell Anything Create a Landing Page
  • Create a Thank You / Download Place
    • Create This Page So You Email Buyers the Link


When you use PLR to build your business by creating low-cost products, you create a way for your audience to enter your product funnel that ensures they’re an interested person. Many business owners prefer to use low-cost or entry-level products over freebies or so-called lead magnets because the people who buy are more likely to be your ideal audience and not just a freebie seeker.

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