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Hello, from Juleps & Junebugs


We Love Making Memories

Juleps & Junebugs is a new company based in Mesa, Az. Our name comes from memories of my grandmother, who adored her family, they were her everything and we adored her. She wanted me to name one of my children after her but that just wasn’t going to happen…bless her heart.  As I was contemplating names for my business I thought of how I could name my business baby after her. She had a sweet nickname of Junebug but, apparently, that is popular among event planners. 

Grandma Junebug was from the south and loved Gone with the Wind.   I envision her in heaven sitting on the front of a wraparound porch of a nineteenth-century plantation home, much like Tara from Gone with the Wind.  sipping on a sweet mint julep…or in grandma’s days, a Dr. Pepper. She would be visiting and catching up with loved ones.  Thus, drinking Juleps and visiting with Grandma Junebug would be an ideal day for me.  Other than our name, there is no fantastic or special story about how Juleps & Junebugs came about.  I am just a sentimental mother who doesn’t want her kids to grow up too fast. I love my family and realize that things will come and go but memories stay with us forever.  I have a passion for creating an ambiance for parties and memories.  I can’t turn back time but I can create lasting impressions and remembrances to call on long after the kids are grown and family has passed. I  wanted to turn my passion for making lasting impressions as well as directing my creative outlet into producing these special times. 

Juleps & Junebugs provides party rentals, event, proposal, date and anniversary planning, and decorating services as well as custom designs, and parties in a box for all your occasions. Our mission is to help alleviate the stress, expense, time and emotions that comes with the planning of any memorable event. Our focus is to help you create these memories that can last a lifetime. So grab a glass of Juleps and your own Grandma Junebug and sit back and enjoy as we help make your event special and one to remember for a lifetime.

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